Stay top of mined and foster customer loyalty.
All it takes is one tablet..

My eLane is all about delivering more options. With more options and a faster delivery time, you can create a customer experience that’s second to none.

At the end of the day, it’s more about lifestyle than convenience. Why not use a system that provides better support for your business and better accuracy for your customers? There’s nothing but opportunity here. Opportunity for a more effective business, and better satisfaction with the process.


My eLane serves every business:

QSR • Fast Casual & Takeout • Independent Cafés

The Power of Anticipation

My eLane is a simple app with revolutionary implications. By giving food retailers the ability to anticipate customers’ needs in real time, My eLane completely shifts how the food service industry functions. We all know greater efficiency increases profit and customer satisfaction – in fact, a 2011 Harvard Business Study proved that just a 7-second reduction in speed of service equaled a 1% market share increase for a Quick Service Restaurant.

It’s surprising that the shift hasn’t happened sooner. Maybe we’re a little stuck in our ways. But it’s time to change the system. The benefits are undeniable.

Here’s what My eLane does for you:

  • Improves and increases efficiency
  • Allows you to serve more customers in a day, ultimately creating more revenue
  • Increases precision and accuracy of orders
  • Allows for greater customer satisfaction
  • Drives customer loyalty
  • Reduces overall costs


During beta tests, we served each drive through customer in mere seconds.

People want fast and friendly service. My eLane facilitates that. The more you work with it, the more you’ll be able to bolster sales and increase your revenue. Whether you want to create a better customer experience or improve your bottom line, My eLane is able to bring your business to the highest level of quality.