Step out of the lines and
back into life.
My eLane makes my choices easier. If I want something convenient, I always choose the businesses on My eLane because it cuts back on wait time.
- Adam Shields
My eLane App

What is My eLane?

My eLane is set to revolutionize food retail with the power of anticipatory service. By making the ordering process more convenient for customers, you can increase foot traffic and foster customer loyalty. My eLane makes you accessible to consumers, putting you first in their mind when they’re deciding where to eat. Our patented, real-time, GPS-integrated app allows customers to access and order from your menu in advance, and gives you the ability to know exactly when they’ll arrive. My eLane makes your systems more efficient, and customers’ experience more enjoyable and convenient.

How it Works

Customers virtually order anything from your menu, from wherever they are.

Once en route, the customer ETA is monitored through the GPS function of their phone.

At just the right time, the order is sent ahead. It shows you exactly when customers will arrive, taking the guesswork out of preparation.

My eLane Mobile Ordering

For Consumers

Use My eLane to step out of the lines and back into life. It’s that easy!

Download the app and select a merchant in your area.


Place your order, and enter payment info and choice of transportation.


And go! Your order will be waiting for you when you arrive.


Expand your operations with as little as one tablet!

In the past, food retailers have waited for customers to arrive before taking their orders. It made sense then; technology was too limited to take any other approach. But, even though technology has advanced dramatically, we’re still using the old systems. Customers are still waiting in lineups, lineups that we can easily minimize with a shift in thinking. With My eLane, all it takes is a tablet and a willing attitude. Ready to get out of the food retail rut? Contact us today! We’ll manage all of the necessary setup so that you can get started.

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