Mobile Ordering Made Easy

The Perfect App To Grow Your Business

For over ten years, My eLane has been working behind the scenes to revolutionize mobile ordering for large franchises across North America.


We love what we do, and now we’re making it our mission to disrupt the market and start bringing our tech directly to you.

When you purchase My eLane, not only do you get a leading mobile ordering experience, but you also get professionals with over a decade of experience to guide you.


Every growing business should have the opportunity to own its own ordering software without the headaches of dealing with third-party hosts or wasting years of your time, and millions of dollars, to perfect your own code.

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A Tailored Solution For Your Demands

We’re now offering you the option of owning our enterprise-level mobile-ordering tech and customizing it so that your brand is showcased through all of your digital presence at a much lower cost than renting or designing your own.

Best of all, once you purchase My eLane, everything is YOURS. We believe that your hard-earned money should stay in your business, which is why we don’t take any commissions or percentages. Once you buy our system, everything you earn is yours to keep.

When you implement the My eLane software, you’ll be streamlining your whole ordering process which results in not only increased revenue and a smoother-running kitchen, but your customer’s user experience will be second to none.


Fast Loading


Pre-ordering and Pre-paying


Patented ETA system uses GPS to ensure their order will be ready exactly when they arrive


The system automatically processes the orders ranked on the time of pickup/delivery to make it easier for your employees.


You are notified when each order should be prepped

With designated start times for each order, your customers will receive the right order on time, so you’ll never have to throw out products that were made too early or have unhappy customers waiting longer for their food.


In the digital world, convenience is key- so make your franchise the go-to choice for your customers with My eLane.

How It Works

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our software. Once you’ve spoken to us, we’ll get the ball rolling.


Any custom functions and design features you want in your mobile experience will be discussed with our team.


We’ll integrate your POS and payment providers into your system.


Our team works to advise and set up your entire system including your new cloud environment.


Once our specialists have reviewed your platform in-house and worked with your team to test real-world applications in your test stores, we check to make sure everything is working perfectly.


When you’re ready- We publish!

You’ll Have Complete Control Over What You Want For Your Business.

And we’re here to make it happen.