Good food, faster.

With My eLane, you can streamline the entire process of preparation and service. Here’s how:

  • Customers preorder and prepay
  • A notification appears on your end of the app, letting you know an order has been made
  • Patented ETA system uses GPS to track customers’ routes
  • ETA system automatically ranks orders according to which customers will arrive first
  • My eLane will notify you when prep should begin for each order
  • Customers arrive to find their orders ready

By anticipating customers’ arrival time, you’re able to increase efficiency and serve more customers. As your process becomes more convenient, customers will begin to think of you first when they’re deciding where to go. That’s when you’ll begin to see big improvements in your business.


What are you waiting for?

There are big benefits to implementing My eLane as part of your business. You’ll be able to provide better customer service, serve more customers overall, increase efficiency, and generate more revenue. If you’re curious about life in My eLane, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll walk you through the entire process to make the transition seamless.